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Tour Sillustani Half Day

Tour to Sillustani Ruins Half Day

Magical excursion to the mysterious cemetery of the Inkas, in this tour to sillustani we will be accompanied by a professional guide, we will visit the archaeological complex where we will see impressive funerary towers belonging to the Kolla culture (Pre-Inka and Inka), a beautiful plateau and view to the Umayo lagoon, of equal way we can appreciate the tourism of the locality of Hatuncolla, a family will allow us to enter their home to see their way of life, agriculture, gastronomy and they will teach us to distinguish the South American camelids.


The excursion begins with the transfer of the hotel (Downtown) towards the Archaeological Complex of Sillustani located 33km from the city of Puno, approximately 30 minutes from the city of Puno. Our first stop will be at the PUMA UTA viewpoint located outside the city where we can observe the city of PUNO. During the journey our guide will explain the origins of the Sillustani tombs belonging to the Kolla culture (1200 - 1450) that was developed in the northern part of the lagoon, in the locality known as Hatuncolla.

At our arrival we will have a walk in the archaeological site of Sillustani that was constructed in century XII by a civilization that occupied the area before the Inca domain. The creators of the imposing funerary towers are known to belong to the cultural Kolla. The most imposing towers were built for important chiefs and priests. Considered by the locals as sacred sites where up to the present ceremonial activities and rituals are realized.

We will have free time to rest and make the corresponding photos next to the UMAYO lagoon, continuously after the explanation of our guide we will descend from the archaeological site to visit the community of HATUNCOLLA, where we will directly appreciate the difference of the South American camelids (Alpaca, Suri, llama) we will also be able to visit a rural family house, there we will see their typical food crafts, costumbristas activities and clothing.

Finally we will return to the city of PUNO (The tour ends in the main square).


  • The cost of extra transfer is added in cases of hotels such as: Libertador, Xima, Casa Andina Premium, Sonesta Posada, José Antonio, Taypikala, Yacht, Mirador del Titicaca, Wisney.

Start: 02:00 pm. Return: 05:45 pm. Return: Half day / 03hrs 45 min .

01:50pm Pick up from the hotel. (central location)
02:15pm Stop lookout of Puno
02:55pm Arrival and visit to the Chullpas of Sillustani..
04:30pm Visit to the rural houses of Atuncolla
05:00pm Recognition of camelids
06:00pm Arrival in Puno and transfer to the Hotel.


  • Tourist transport.
  • Entrance to the complex
  • Bilingual guide.


  • Wear a jacket
  • sunscreen
  • tennis shoes
  • hats or caps
  • cameras and / or videos.

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